About us

My Movie is a media company producing and broadcasting online video products. The company is based in Guangzhou, Barcelona, Florence, and Bali. 

We were born to produce documentaries while offering digital marketing, advertisement, and movie production services. 

My Movie is directly involved in designing, creating, producing, shooting, and distributing video materials in Advertisements, Travel Documentaries, Lifestyle and Entertainment, Informational, and Experimental. We aim to project on the other side of the screen the closest feeling of reality as it could be. Fresh images, fresh concepts, unseen footage, and life stories. 

And history start to reveal.

Founded in June 2006 under the name TIV, a marketing-based company that was under the lead of the CEO named Lion. He started picking up his Sony camera in 2004. He believed that travel movies would be the next big thing in the videography world, where he, for the 1st time, shared the joy with the landscape the culture, the food, and anything that he could find during his trips to unknown locations on earth.

As time went by, Lion redesigned the primary concept of TIV and created MMT - My Movie Travel concept and went worldwide online on the 3rd of June 2011. Back then, MMT was providing private travel videos & travel documentaries to clients across the globe to help them create memories that last, but it wasn’t enough, he wanted to also facilitate the other videographers to create content that is worth being viewed by billions.

Lion and his team produced the first TV formats for Italian Television & Kazakhstan TV.

  • 2012 - "Un Cuoco Da Strada" for Italian TV2000 - Vatican

  • 2014 - "Spaghetti on the Road" for Almaty TV - Kazakhstan.

My Movie produced the first 2 WEB Series originals. 



My Movie Travel was settled as a legal and official entity in Florence-Italy then also in Barcelona as the main base. Being under a Nomad concept My Movie Travel company aimed for International status in the years to come. 

My Movie Travel produced another travel web series with a new taste and concept - Lion on the Road - Vietnam

Later on, the company extended its work base in China - Guangzhou where started the shootings for the first ever #docfreeality - The Chinese Dream and meanwhile also produced the 4th web series - Lion on the Road - Discover Real China.

The company moved to the Island of Gods - Bali, Indonesia. Here the company keeps collaborating directly with Alibaba HQ in Hangzhou for video marketing products and some more new projects.

My Movie Travel became My Movie, and new studios have been opened in Island of Gods.

Since then the community evolved and nowadays is involved in designing, creating, producing, shooting, and distributing video materials in formats of Advertisements, Travel Documentaries, Lifestyle, and Entertainment, Informational, and Experimental. 
My Movie aims to project on the other side of the screen, the closest feeling of reality as it could be. 

11-11-2023 The magic it happened. MY MOVIE PLATFORM - MY MOVIE TV was born to give voice to all those who believe in a world where happiness and free speech are the main values. Welcome to join us in this adventure and make this planet a better place.