Celebrating Chinese New Year with Unique Cocktails: A Recipe Guide

16 Oct 2023

China is a country full of rich culture and traditions, with one of the most significant celebrations being the Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year. It is a time of renewal, a fresh start, and a chance to gather with family and friends to celebrate the upcoming year. One of the main aspects of any party or gathering is drinks, and what better way to celebrate the new year than with unique cocktails. In this blog post, we will share our experience of the Chinese New Year party scene in China and the cocktails we mixed to make it even more memorable.

The Spring Festival Party Scene: The Spring Festival is a grand celebration in China, with people coming together to exchange gifts, decorate their homes, and prepare traditional foods. As a foreigner in China during this time, I was excited to be part of this grand celebration. I found myself caught up in the party scene, where it was inevitable to entertain people or attend the celebration and raise the glasses with others.

Cocktail Mixing for Chinese New Year: To make the Chinese New Year celebrations even more special, we decided to mix some unique cocktails. We started with a special mojito, with ten easy-to-find ingredients. This recipe is perfect for any kind of gathering, be it a party, meeting, or birthday. It was refreshing, minty, and had a hint of sweetness, making it a perfect drink to toast the new year.

We also tried some other cocktails, including the Jade cocktail. The name "Jade cocktail" is used for several different cocktails that are very distinct from one another. The first version featured rum, crème de menthe, lime, and Cointreau. This version had a citrusy flavor with hints of mint and caramel. The second version featured Midori and champagne and was green in color due to the addition of Midori and blue curacao. Both cocktails were unique and delicious in their own way, but we preferred the first version of the Jade cocktail.

Handling Our Drinking: Of course, with any party comes drinking, and it's essential to handle it responsibly. We had a good time mixing and trying out these unique cocktails, but we also made sure to handle our drinking responsibly. It's important to remember that excessive drinking can lead to dangerous situations, and it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Conclusion: Celebrating the Chinese New Year in China is an experience of a lifetime. It's a time of renewal, new beginnings, and celebrations. Adding unique cocktails to the celebrations made it even more special, and we hope this guide helps you plan your own Chinese New Year celebrations. Remember to handle your drinking responsibly and make the most of this grand celebration with your loved ones.

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